Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I have ALWAYS loved Christmas (definitely think this was a character trait passed down from Mum) our house was always decorated and we made so many decorations when we were little it wasn't funny. Mum kept the paper Christmas tree angel that I made when I was in Preschool (I would have been 5)....I think I ended up with this a few years ago and plan to put it on the top of the tree every year...well until X is a bit bigger and he can make one for me!! :)

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year as I have X to share all my Christmas Spirit with, we are going to decorate the house and put up the tree, have way too many presents wrapped under it and definitely go down to one of the shopping centres for Santa photos. I am even going to go see ALL the Santas in town first and then go and pick the nicest looking Santa for our photos. Only the best for my boy!! ha ha ha I cant wait until December 1st so I can start to put up the decorations....along with my love of Christmas, my mum also passed on the character trait of believing in superstitions, and I know its bad luck to decorate for Christmas before December 1st. ha ha ha

I can remember when we were younger and used to leave out cookies and milk for Santa, without fail every year we would also leave out a tub of water and some carrots for the Reindeer's.....first thing on Christmas morning we would run to the table to check if Santa ate the cookie (only crumbs were left) then out to the verandah to check the water (always had bits of grass floating in it and nibbles taken from the carrots) and there were ALWAYS reindeer hoof prints on the wood from where they had walked across the wet grass. I want to start traditions like this with X (but mum to this day stands by the fact that it was really Rudolph and the Reindeer that made the hoof prints). ha ha ha

Yesterday Mum had a stall at a craft market so I decided to go for a drive and see her and check out all the lovely crafts. I brought a few things (although most things were for little girls, looking back though I am glad that I have a son as I would have spent WAY too much money) X got an owl for his bookshelf in his bedroom and I got an owl to hang on the wall. They are both so adorable. I also got a few other bits and pieces. After spending all of our money we went to visit my dad and have lunch with him. He was out in the veggie patch (its awesome - everytime I visit I get some fresh home grown veggies....yesterday we scored super fresh potatoes - I was there when dad dug them out and a stack of cauliflower) and X loved being outside in the fresh air and watching Poppy dig.....he got so excited at one point that he started to squeal in delight (he has never done this before) and I couldn't stop laughing!!

Two of my dads favourite hobbies over the past year or so have been gardening and used to be woodwork, although he got very sick a few years ago and spent 8 weeks in hospital and he has now lost use of his legs properly. Of course one of his favourite things to take photos of is X.....I kid you not there have been THOUSANDS of photos taken of him. Its not uncommon to take 400 or so photos in one shoot!! ha ha ha We are lucky that X loves the camera. So yesterday I decided to get some Christmas photos taken that I will use for my Christmas cards, and we do 'handmade Christmas' in my immediate family, so they will be used for presents as well!! I just had to show some of the photos as I think they are so super duper cute!! Unfortunately X decided that he didn't want to smile and his new favourite thing is so see how much of his fist he can fit in his mouth, we will probably try to get some more done this weekend so I can see if I can get some smiling ones!!!

I have been scrapbooking again lately - it feels good so I will be back soonish to post some photos, I have to take pictures of the layouts.

Christmas sure is serious business!! I love X in red so I think this Santa outfit looks super cute!!

I love these Christmas Nappies that Huggies brought out - and one of the few (almost) smiles we got!!

Xavi-deer Santa's newest reindeer!! The two Christmas Romper Suits and matching hats were brought at KMart for only $7 each set.....super bargain I thought!!


  1. I love his little Santa outfit! So cute! It's fun to read about how much you love and cherish Christmas :)

  2. Oh yes.... Christmas is my favourite time of the year... I have so many decorations that it takes forever to set them up and pull them down again. But I love it... I can't even remember how many Santas I have and how many Christmas trees and reindeers and snowmen oh and angels...LOL

    If only I could add Xavie- Santa and Xavie-deer to my collections...... LOL