Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I love reading blogs and this is how I spend most of my down time after work each night (when X has gone to bed of course). And I have many blogs that I just adore and check almost daily to see if a new post is up.  While browsing one of my favs the other day Our Girly World, I stumbled across a sketch challenge!!  I thought it looked fun and that I would give it a go.  It was fun to scrap a wedding picture!

I know it doesnt look that much like the sketch......I love doing sketch challenges but then question after I have made the page how much it is similar!  ha ha ha  Thanks for the wonderful challenge.....and thanks for motivating me to scrap a wedding picture!!  :) 

Sorry the picture is crooked - I took it on my phone!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I have been busy.....

.......doing this:


It turns out, Weddings are extremely time consuming (and especially when you have as much bad luck as we did......the worst luck pre wedding lead up means the best luck in a marriage right??) and take up every single waking moment!  We got married on October 13th and it was a perfect day.  I am IN LOVE with my professional photos, and cant wait to scrap them.

I have slowly started to create some more scrapbook pages, so I will share them next time!  

In other news.....I am going to be studying next year!!  Working full time, being a mum AND studying....I think I have gone mad!!  Hopefully it all works out!

Friday, June 29, 2012

A Gorgeous Giveaway

Well I'm a bit late to the party (better late than never though) but here is a wonderful giveaway from a truly gorgeous lady!! Head over to Maria's me you will NOT be disappointed (her work is AMAZING).I will be back to post shortly with some pictures from my hectic life at the moment!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our local Show

Today was our local show!! We took X and went with some friends!! We had a great day!! They have a little boy A who is only 3 weeks younger than X so we get together regularly for playdates! The boys loved the farm animals in the petting zoo and all the excitement of Sideshow Alley! It was so nice to go to the show with kids - even though they are only 8 months old!! It will be crazy next year, when they can actually ask for things!

Here are some photos that I took to remember the day!!

They had all these cool dinosaurs that X just couldn't take his eyes off!!

Loving all the farm animals. He wasn't scared AT ALL! Just wanted to touch and pat everything!

Loved sitting on the display tractor! Maybe he will be a farmer when he grows up?? ha ha ha

He loved the little tractors too.....although not as much as the big one!! :)

His first go of putting the balls in (this case) the duck!! He needed a lot of help from his dad, as he just wanted to eat the balls!

Playing with his prize. I love this picture of my two boys at the show!! Love them to bits!!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Daring you to Scrap Entry

Well I have completed another challenge!! YAY!! This one was for Daring You to Scrap. This was lots of fun and I really enjoyed making this page (notice a theme strip photos, misting and lots of photos of X are a few of my favourite things at the moment).

The criteria this month was to use 'old school photos' such as Photo Strips or Polaroids! I am loving photo strips at the moment as I am getting to use all the 'out take' photos of X. In these photos we had a mini photo shoot in the back yard to show off his first mohawk!! I just think it was one of the cutest things ever!!!

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This page was actually created using one of the AWESOME kits from Polly Scrap Kits. Love the kits there!! :)

This page also featured a super cute robot button from KittyRobot!! Love it!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

123 Challenges

I actually scrapped this month.....and thought that I would enter some of the awesome challenge sites that I always look at and say that I will enter....but never do!! Over at 123 Challenge the March Challenge was:

Colour - Metallic Blue (I painted the numbers with blue paint and Kindy Glitzed over the top, the thread used is a metallic blue, added some sparkly and shiny brads and jewels, I also made a dark blue flower out of satin material, used blue glimmer mist and also coloured in some pearls so that they were shiny blues as well)

Word - 123 (used in my title)

Technique/Embellishment - use something organic (I used wooden letter tiles)

Of course I have scrapped the adorable Mr X - I just cant seem to scrap anyone or anything else at the moment!! We spent the weekend in Brisbane a few weeks ago and we went to the Brisbane Museum and I just wanted to get a nice picture of X to remember the day, although there was NO WAY he was going to unfortunately what you see, really were the best photos we got of him. ha ha ha I am loving photo strips at the moment - so I have printed some out and used these rather than bigger photos!

Thanks for visiting!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Polly Giveaway

Kayla over at Polly Scrap Kits is kindly giving away a very lovely Scrap Pack!! I am a member of the forum - and I love it over there. The very talented design team always have wonderful and fun challenges each month.

Personally I am hoping that I might just win this gorgeous pack:
Isnt it gorgeous??? I have the PERFECT project in mind for it!! Fingers crossed I might win!! But you should all come over and check out the Facebook Page, the Forum or the Shop!! All the girls are LOVELY!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Well I have been super slack!! Although life has just gotton away from me at the moment. It has been tricky juggling work - I am just so tired and sore when I get home, 7 months at home made me soft!! ha ha ha
X loves going for family walks on the weekend! He loves to sticky beak at everything, and loves watching the cars drive past on the road - such a boy!!

X is settling into daycare really well! I am so happy about that! It is such a relief off my mind, its nice having him in the daycare centre next door though, as the girls just ring me when he needs his big feed for the day (although I think he is starting to ween himself as he loves food so much).
Cheeky biscuit grin!!

We had my nana's suprise 80th birthday on the weekend so that was nice to catch up with everyone (most of the family made it to visit) and for everyone to get to meet X! And nana, mum, X and I got to have a 4 generations photo together!!

With the floods in St George we had family coming to stay with us for a week - our house was noisy and full....we loved having them though! We gained 2 adults, 2 children and 3 dogs!!

Scrapping has been at a minimal! I just cant seem to find the time at the moment - need to get back into a routine again, need to do it of a night when it is cooler and X is asleep.

My only 2 layouts:

This layout features a pretty pink lollypop from Charms Creations (love her work)!!

In his super cute PJs - can anyone say deer in headlights??

We are off to Brisbane this weekend for a mini family getaway! My almost husband is going to a festival (Soundwave) so X and I are going to spend the day together, shopping and things!!

Now to share some photos of my super cute boy!! Will be back soon to share some photos from Brisbane!
His first mohawk!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Soooooo hot!!

Enjoying his first taste of an icy pole - it was actually mine, but he just had to have it to himself!! His eczema is really playing up at the moment too - the poor little thing! I love his big buddah belly!!

Well it seems that we have had a bit of a heatwave this past week here in Queensland!! I don't live where it gets the hottest - but for me the past week has been HOT!! X really doesn't like the heat, so we have had to pull the aircon out, spend some time in his little pool and enjoy icy pole ice blocks for the first time!! I have been practicing taking photos with the new camera I got for Christmas - and would you believe (shock horror) that nearly every one taken has of X!! ha ha ha
It doesn't look like it, but he did enjoy going for his first swim in his new pool that he got for Christmas! Oh how I love those chubby cheeks!

I have also done some scrapping this past week!! WOOHOO!! I have decided to compete a layout each week, highlighting some of the things that we have completed that week. I am going to try to use my old papers on this album, as it is going to be more about the photos and stories than how pretty my layouts are!

I would also like to enter some of the great challenge blogs this year - so I will be completing pages for these as well! When I have time that is....I go back to work in 2 weeks (EEK), although only for 2 days a week (hopefully this will become 3 days) still some time at home to get some crafting done.....but only AFTER I spend lots of time with my beautiful baby boy. Oh gosh I am going to miss him when I go to work - he will be in daycare, as I work in a daycare centre...he is just coming to work with me. Although I work in a double centre so he will be next door......but I get to go and visit him heaps! But tell you what, I am starting to get teary when I think about him going into care, and spending the day without me. I love the girls who will be looking after him I know he will be looked after!
X has enjoyed solids - I started him a little early (at 5 months) and this past week he has LOVED eating solids, he just cant get enough! If I dont watch him though, he will grab the container of I said to Tim, at least his motor development and coordination is improving! ha ha ha

Well I will now share some of my layouts! The first and last layouts were completed for Polly Scrap Kits should check it out!! Its awesome and the girls there are so friendly and lovely!!

This was for a colour challenge (green, teal and silver) I was pretty impressed with the way it turned out! I love the colour combo - and it would have not been colours I would normally have choosen to work with!!

This is my first layout for my 2012 album - events for the week were that my neice Jade came to visit and meet X for the first time, and Tim celebrated his 31st birthday....but was not allowed to open his own presents as X wanted to that for himself....and then tried to eat the paper afterwards. ha ha ha

This was for a technique challenge. The technique was white space. I have never done anything like this before, and I was happy with the end result!!