Sunday, February 19, 2012


Well I have been super slack!! Although life has just gotton away from me at the moment. It has been tricky juggling work - I am just so tired and sore when I get home, 7 months at home made me soft!! ha ha ha
X loves going for family walks on the weekend! He loves to sticky beak at everything, and loves watching the cars drive past on the road - such a boy!!

X is settling into daycare really well! I am so happy about that! It is such a relief off my mind, its nice having him in the daycare centre next door though, as the girls just ring me when he needs his big feed for the day (although I think he is starting to ween himself as he loves food so much).
Cheeky biscuit grin!!

We had my nana's suprise 80th birthday on the weekend so that was nice to catch up with everyone (most of the family made it to visit) and for everyone to get to meet X! And nana, mum, X and I got to have a 4 generations photo together!!

With the floods in St George we had family coming to stay with us for a week - our house was noisy and full....we loved having them though! We gained 2 adults, 2 children and 3 dogs!!

Scrapping has been at a minimal! I just cant seem to find the time at the moment - need to get back into a routine again, need to do it of a night when it is cooler and X is asleep.

My only 2 layouts:

This layout features a pretty pink lollypop from Charms Creations (love her work)!!

In his super cute PJs - can anyone say deer in headlights??

We are off to Brisbane this weekend for a mini family getaway! My almost husband is going to a festival (Soundwave) so X and I are going to spend the day together, shopping and things!!

Now to share some photos of my super cute boy!! Will be back soon to share some photos from Brisbane!
His first mohawk!!