Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our local Show

Today was our local show!! We took X and went with some friends!! We had a great day!! They have a little boy A who is only 3 weeks younger than X so we get together regularly for playdates! The boys loved the farm animals in the petting zoo and all the excitement of Sideshow Alley! It was so nice to go to the show with kids - even though they are only 8 months old!! It will be crazy next year, when they can actually ask for things!

Here are some photos that I took to remember the day!!

They had all these cool dinosaurs that X just couldn't take his eyes off!!

Loving all the farm animals. He wasn't scared AT ALL! Just wanted to touch and pat everything!

Loved sitting on the display tractor! Maybe he will be a farmer when he grows up?? ha ha ha

He loved the little tractors too.....although not as much as the big one!! :)

His first go of putting the balls in (this case) the duck!! He needed a lot of help from his dad, as he just wanted to eat the balls!

Playing with his prize. I love this picture of my two boys at the show!! Love them to bits!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Lovely pics Lou.... He certainly looked very impressed with the big tractors and I just know it .... he wants a pet dinosaur. LOL

    Did he win a prize at the Duckie stall... looks like he wanted to eat the duck...LOL

    He would of loved to be let loose in the petting zoo... LOL

    Yes next year will be totally different again... he will want everything.... LOL


  2. Awww it looks like you guys had a great day! I LOVE the photo of X on the tractor. His little face is just adorable! :)

  3. Oh that tractor is adorable! I'd love one in our backyard! Lol!
    Sweet duck game too. Such great pics to scrap with!! X's little hand grasping his frog prize is gorgeous!