Sunday, December 4, 2011

Guess who we went to visit.....

We FINALLY got down to see Santa and get our photo taken!! We had a couple of false starts (one of those times, just as we jumped in line Santa went on lunch - I guess Santa needs to eat too) but today we made it. We had to wait in line for nearly an hour - WHAT?!?

I guess the good thing was that they were taking a few photos each child so that you could pick which photo you liked the best....but for us, waiting for an hour in line with an almost 5 month old was not all that fun. When we finally got to Santa - the first thing X did was to grab a big handful of Santa's beard and give it a yank.....his new favourite thing is to pull his dad's and poppy's beards!! Santa was pretty understanding and just made sure he restrained (I mean held) X's hands. ha ha ha So we didn't end up with a smiling photo - but that's ok because I still think he is pretty darn cute!

He definitely seems to love all things Christmas so far - we put the tree up together on the 1st of December and he is mesmerized when the lights are turned on. I cant wait to get all the presents off layby and wrap them so the tree can be overflowing with awesomeness. ha ha ha I also realise how lucky I am this year, as he cant pull down any of the decorations yet - give me strength for next year. ha ha ha I hope you are all having an awesome start to December!! Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!!

PS When we got his 4 month needles (almost 3 weeks) ago he weighed a whopping 7.1kg - the same as some of my friends 6 months olds!!


  1. Sooooo cute! I love babies on Santa's lap :)

  2. We think he is pretty dan cute too... Nana and Pop

    And yes beards are not safe...LOL


  3. oooh that is a cute Santa photo.. we failed.. both boys wouldn't go near him :( maybe next year.
    Hope the 4 month needles went well.
    thanks for always stopping by my blog.. you are a very sweet lady.
    happy festive season :)) x