Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap

My super cute Xavi-deer on Christmas Eve with his Nana (my mum).

I cant believe that Christmas is already over for 2011. We had a fantastic weekend. My parents and one of my sisters came to visit for the weekend and my partners Mum and Sister spent the day with us as well. It was nice just having a low key, no stress day. X got so very very spoiled. And not really from us - it was all the generous family and friends that we have that just gave him so much. I am not even joking when I say that we could probably open a toy store, I am spending the day tomorrow trying to organise his room and fit all the new toys in there. Some of the toys are being packed in the cupboard as they are too old for him yet, but in a few months it is going to be great to be getting new toys out for him.

X loved opening presents with his dad. He loved this plush talking Lightening McQueen, as you can see every present he opened and got his hands on went straight into his mouth.
X's MASSIVE haul of presents! I know - totally spoiled!!

In our family we usually have a handmade Christmas, so its always nice to get a gift that is made especially for us (plus a few store brought presents). I got totally spoiled this year......from my partner and X, I got a new camera (I LOVE IT), an SD card to go with it and a 10 pack of frames for my new photos to go on the wall. From Mum and Dad I got a saucepan set, a frame (dad brought second hand and just restored it a little) witch has an awesome HUGE family picture of me, T and X in it (it now hangs proudly above my TV) and mum made me a plastic bag holder, handtowels for my kitchen and she is making me a peg bag (so pretty), from my sister I got a really cute frame that she painted and decorated for me and put pictures of X in it!! Totally LOVE IT!!
X chilling with Poppy (my dad) on the deck, playing with his presents, although doing his favourite thing in the world - PULLING BEARDS!! Poppy spoils him and lets him pull it!! hee hee

For my mum I made a notebook which I decorated, I made Dad a little display with pictures of him and X and for 2 of my sisters I made a heap of flowers and scrapbooking embellishments. I took some photos of these so I will share these next post. Just have to get them off the camera.

X pretty much chewed on his fingers all day, all thanks to teething!

Something exciting that happened on Christmas Day was X got his first tooth!! So exciting but poor little X, he was so cranky and irritable all day. It popped through Christmas morning, but it is only just through the gum. I now think that he is getting his second one, as his gum is looking white and swollen. I think it will pop through in the next few days, I cant wait as I just want my happy baby boy back!! He is also having a terrible time with eczema at the moment, and the teething is not helping at all.
Getting all clever and sitting up by himself, he now does this for small amounts of time...where is my baby going? He is growing so fast!

X enjoying his Christmas lunch (Beef, Pumpkin and Potato). He really loves the jar food with pumpkin in it!!

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas with your family!!
All the best for 2012 from my little family to yours!!


  1. It was a lovely few days and Xavier was good... he wasn't cranky at all.... The pics in this post look good. Love the family one I took for you....... and love my little Santa on my shoulder one... so cute.......and the Xavie-deer one at the top of the post as well....


  2. ooooh so all Xavier want was a two front teeth.. lol.. well he got one!! CUUUuuutE :)) Sounds like the most lovely day.. we had one at home, relaxed and this year was just our family of 4 - so precious family time... AND you take GREAT photos, I love them :))
    Thanks to for always stopping by my blog - people like you MAKE my day :)) x

  3. Holy moly so many toys!!! Looks like you had a merry Christmas! And I hope your new year is off to a great start!

  4. What a beautiful Christmas you had. xx
    Looks like you now have plenty of pictures to scrap. :-)